Started by Adrian Rosebrock, PyImageSearch is a website with a blog, online courses and published books perfect for aspiring computer vision practitioners! Although the courses and books may be a little pricey, I highly recommend going through some of the tutorials posted for free on the site, as they provide plenty of knowledge, free of charge!


An oldie but a goodie, investigative reporter Brian Krebs has endured many attempts by cyber-criminals across the world to bring you a latest in online cyber-crime for years! His articles are meticulous and very insightful, so I recommend reading through them slowly and thoroughly, and some of them even contain a hint of drama for your entertainment!


The perfect playground for pentesters and cybersecurity enthusiasts, although registration is free, HackTheBox famously requires you to “hack” your way into your new account! But this shouldn’t be a problem for you, should it? Hacking gamified. Very fun, but time consuming.


Sometimes in game development you need a very specific 3D model, and nobody is selling! CGFastTrack offers to teach you how to use the free tool Blender to create the assets you need, when you need them! Their pricing may be out of reach, but one of their full courses is available for free online, and I found great success learning from it! Highly recommended for anyone aspiring to develop video games.


One does not simply code without two tools: Google, and StackOverflow. An honorable mention I’m sure anybody reading this is already aware of, StackOverflow provides you with (nearly) all the answers to your programming problems! Just make sure you read the code before copying it…

AWS DeepRacer

Created by Amazon as a way to learn Machine Learning from the ground-up AND compete with others for a chance at more specialized teaching at the same time, this resource is perfect for those looking to get their feet wet in the rapidly-evolving field! Registrations close quickly, though so make sure you keep an eye on the schedule!